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Came out to my house today, and did a darn good job too! Had a very relaxed, clean dog in the end

Thank you for providing such an easy and convenient service – we’re so grateful Sharky had some one-on-one time with you. He looks super handsome and is very happy and relaxed!

So pleased with our puppies first ever groom! Would recommend,  and we will be back!!! Thank you!

Karen groomed my fluffies today and did a great job. They look gorgeous and I realise how difficult it must have been for her as Zoe is hard work. Thanks Karen. I hope you will be brave enough to groom her again.

Outstanding service and fabulous grooms on our adored pets, Max the poodle and Dave our delightful red puppy. Thanks Karen and we look forward to seeing you again next time.

Fabulous service at a great rate, and my pup was so happy afterward! Would highly recommend.

Wonderful job done on my mini sheep who now looks like a pampered pooch

Karen gave our Schnoodle Archie his first haircut this week. He looks amazing. Thanks for being so patient with him Karen

Karen you are a star. Buster looks fantastic. Smells gorgeous and is happily asleep on my lap. You are awesome. Thank you

Amazing groom, always consistent, my dog is sooo relaxed she falls asleep on the table. Karen provides a fantastic service at an affordable rate so we can keep our furbabies not only looking good but feeling good too!

Hi! My name’s Karen and I just love dogs, grooming dogs, looking after dogs and just about everything ‘canine’ you can think of!